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Build it your way to suit your needs... True Freedom.

Product Details

The Application Built Just for You

iTrac IMSŪ is the all-in-one solution for any company. iTrac IMSŪ's flexibility is second to none and allows companies to set up an information technology environment that is built to their specifications.

The Effect of Complete & Organized Information

Keeping your records intact and easy to find, follow up, and report on is important to any business. iTrac IMSŪ's referential database build ensures system wide data integrity.

Auditing and Security

iTrac IMSŪ is a system that can track all modifications and changes to data within its database – this makes security control and auditing a breeze! Reports can easily be generated and for those issues that require immediate attention, the mini-report system can create a user-defined report on the fly that can return urgent information when you need it.

The Freedom of Portability

Anywhere you go iTrac IMSŪ is there to help you! iTrac IMSŪ's applet based structure allows you to connect to iTrac IMSŪ and administer any changes that need be made from anywhere with an internet connection! Simply start a web browser and open the iTrac IMSŪ page. Doesn't that make it easier to follow your busy schedules?

Unmatched Scalability and Versatility

iTrac IMSŪ’s scalability is there for you as you grow your business. After iTrac IMSŪ is built and configured to suit your unique business structure and information workflow, the versatility and power of iTrac IMSŪ will be ready to serve you well into the future! It can adapt to any changes or additions within your business process - over and over again.

The Freedom of Efficiency

The efficiency of a light client is found with iTrac IMSŪWeb - the portal that allows you to interface with the main iTrac IMSŪ system. It will allow your employees to get those small, but important business processes done effortlessly, such as checking on task assignments or submitting a change request from anywhere in the world! When you need to access your business information in a timely manner, iTrac IMSŪWeb is there for you.

Solution Pre-Builds

iTrac IMSŪ Immigration System

Elections Saskatchewan - Election Candidate Manager

Employee Information Tracking System - EITS

What could I do with iTrac IMSŪ?

Application Management

Licensing & Renewals Management

Incident Management

Association Management

Customer Account Management

Member Management